Mission Statement

The Light Center’s mission is to give hope to young women in crisis pregnancy situations in Northeast Thailand by providing guidance and counsel within a community of trust.

The Light Center Objectives

  1. Ensure that every mother with whom we interact understands the love, grace, and forgiveness provided freely through faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. Provide a place of protection, restoration and hope to mothers in crisis pregnancy situations.
  3. Serve as a resource for mothers, providing information about pre/postnatal care, child care, legal rights and more.
  4. Equip mothers with the tools and knowledge necessary to attain economic sustainability after the birth of their child.
  5. Help children be trained up in a family and community where they receive love, care and acceptance instead of abandonment and rejection.
  6. End the cycle of teen pregnancy and illegal abortions.

About the Founders

Marcus & Kanyapon (more often known as Bum and pronounced boom) and their 2 boys, Tyty and JJ, have lived in Ubon Ratchathani since April 2010. Marcus is originally from Iowa and was called into missions in 2004 while taking the Perspectives course and attending Iowa State University. In 2005 he spent 3 months helping with tsunami relief work in Southern Thailand. After graduation he immediately began a 1 year church planting internship program in the same location.

Bum grew up in a Buddhist home in Thailand, but became a Christian at age 18 while attending a church with her cousin. She received a scholarship in 1999 to attend a Bible college in Bangkok. Upon completing her bachelor’s degree, she began full time ministry partnering with missionaries and local churches.

In 2005, Marcus & Bum worked on the same tsunami relief team and again during Marcus’ internship in 2006. In August 2007 they were married in Bangkok prior to returning to the U.S. to raise funds for future ministry together. After a year and a half of language school for Marcus in Chiang Mai, God called them to the least reached regions of Thailand where Bum grew up. In 2012 after a series of miscarriages, Bum became pregnant again at the exact same time her 17 year old cousin became pregnant. The Fey’s lost their child through miscarriage at 5 months and Bum’s cousin carried her baby to full term despite originally wanting an abortion. It was through the loss of their own child and walking their cousin through her experience that God began calling them to start The Light Center. When they first started, they were the only crisis pregnancy center in a region of 23 million people and the nearest center to Ubon was a 9 hour drive away. With God’s calling and a foundation willing to come along side them as a platform for ministry, they began planning, researching, and fundraising to build a solid foundation for The Light Center.